Cannabis Master Program for the Spa Professional: Brought To You By VXN Wellness aka the Women of Color Up

NOTE: We are in the process of Re-Branding as VXN Wellness *aka the Women of Color Up* We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make this transition. Please know that all of the information in this course is still very relevant and will be an asset to your business. AND NOW... Welcome to the Cannabis Master Program, an online course on Cannabis designed for the Spa Professional. Learn why bringing CBD skincare and body care into your spa practice is more than just a trend but a comprehensive approach to functional healing for body, mind, and spirit. In this course, you will discover why cannabis communicates with our body to promote homeostasis or balance at every biological level. This course will also look at the Color Up professional spa products soon to be under the VXN Wellness brand--Most of the Color Up Products are returning with new labels, slight name adjustments and a couple will get very minimal reformulations to make them even better and some with new more sustainable packaging! So much Gratitude to you for joining us on this adventure!!

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